Best Five Tips to Enjoy on Board Your Cruise

Cruise ships have reached such a standard today that the array of activities to enjoy on board are almost too many to list. Combine the range of relaxing and fun events with the high quality service and excellent customer care found on most cruise ships these days and there is no better place to holiday than coasting across the deep blue.

Here is a list of the top five things to look forward to whilst on your selected cruise ship, which will give you all the more reason to book now ahead of your holiday.

  • The swimming pool. Far warmer than the water you are travelling on, most swimming pools are designed to the highest standard on cruise ships, with most offering spectacular views of the sea. If the heat of your selected tropical destination is getting too much outside on deck, then be sure to cool yourself down with a leisurely swim.
  • Cinema. Sometimes a classic film can be enough to round off a memorable day on board. Most cruise liners are equipped with cinemas showing both classic films and the latest releases, with a range on offer to satisfy even the pickiest film-lovers.
  • Sauna/Steam rooms. Perhaps the most desired activity for any of those who have finished a long day touring selected ports, a nice sauna is the perfect way to relax your muscles and prepare for an evening of entertainment on board the cruise ship.
  • Bars and restaurants. Such is the size of most cruise liners these days, the selection of bars and restaurants available to you is more akin to a night out in Covent Garden than out on sea. Unwind with a glass of wine and eat some of the finest foods found anywhere in the world to cap off some memorable days on board.
  • Casino. For any of those who fancy a flutter, a casino is usually on hand to provide you with your thrills and spills. It could represent the perfect ending to an unforgettable evening of food, wine and laughter – providing that you win of course!

Whatever cruise you choose, there will undoubtedly be a hearty selection of entertainment facilities designed to keep people of all ages content. So what are you waiting for? Book your cruise now and take advantage of the amazing facilities and stunning experiences both on board and off during your boat trip around the world.

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Make Your Note – Caribbean Travel Agent

For the best professional advice on Caribbean travel, you need professionals to do the job for you. Caribbean travel agents are exactly the kind of people you are looking for. They know everything that matters when you travel to the Caribbean, from hotel reservations to airfare and one million and one fun things to do in the sun, sand, and surf world of the Caribbean. So check our list below for the best Caribbean travel agents in the business:

Since 1998, Caribbean travel agents have been sending vacationers to the islands. For the ultimate convenience, they offer you online booking for all kinds of vacation whether you want to book it yourself or have one of their Caribbean travel agents book for you. offers Last Minute Caribbean Vacation Deals, so if you’re looking to save up to 60% on your next vacation, book right here. All last minute plans are designed to fit your budget, including even round trip airfare, hotel, and taxes.

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Feel More Experience – Life on the Waters

In the earlier days, when airplanes and other road transport didn’t exist, waterways were the common mode of transport to travel from one place to another. There are records of water transport being used from the pre-historic period. Great sailors like Columbus used water transport to discover America. Hence, water transport has its roots in the early 14th century. Mumbai was said to be the land of seven islands and lies on the Western coast of India. It is surrounded by the Arabian Sea. Hence, Mumbai also has its roots in water transport.

The common modes of water transport are boats, ships, rafts, steamboats, submarines, yachts, etc. Until the 19th century, boats were made using wood and animal skills. As time passed, they were being made using metals such as iron along with wood. In the mid 19th century, aluminum became popular and boats were made using aluminum. However, they were more expensive to make and aluminum was thus replaced by fiber glass. In the late 19th century, boats were made using fiber glass and this changed the way boats were produced.

In the late 17th century, James Watt came up with the steam engine and it gave way to the industrial revolution. This gave rise to the introduction of the steam boats which used steam engines for their functioning. This made travelling through the waterways faster and easier. After years of research on the steam engine, the Americans came up with the idea of the submarines. This gave way to underwater travelling which was mainly used by the navies. These submarines were used for various attacks in the world wars.

The idea of steam engines also gave rise to yachts. Yachts are quite different from commercial ships. They are mainly used for luxury purposes. Their size is smaller than commercial boats, but they are good from a design and performance point of view. They are made from materials such as carbon fiber, aluminum, steel, etc. A yacht is used for a number of purposes like sailing on a daily basis, or is used for cruising; because of its luxurious outlook and comfort. As these sailing vessels are known for their speed, they are used for racing purposes. Various sailing clubs organize water racing on a timely basis and this is considered as an adventurous sport. Hence, we can see how the revolution of the normal sailing wooden log that has now changed into speed boats which are fast and more efficient; and this has changed the way in which water transportation has evolved.

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